Development and Building Expands On Chinden Towards Nampa
Chinden & 10 Mile Looking West

What’s going on down Chinden west of 10 Mile Road?  This Hot Growth Zone already has a lot in motion, and more coming soon!

 The introduction of the new Costco on the corner of 10 Mile and Chinden immediately offered consumers much needed shopping alternatives in the Northwest section of Meridian to service the residents of Star, Eagle and even Emmett. Even with a new Winco under construction on the corner of Chinden & Linder, just 1 mile East, the big box stores are soon to follow suit along the West Chinden Corridor.  Currently there’s plenty of retail space along Chinden from Linder to 10 Mile, with future commercially zoned land along the frontage of Chinden all the way out to Caldwell. 

Subdivisions are being built after years of preparation with over 300 new homes being built within a 5 mile radius of Costco.  Down Chinden toward Highway 16, which connects you to Star & Eagle, you’ll find future commercial, office, medical and retail zoning on all 4 corners of this intersection. And another freeway extension down McDermott is in the future plans of Idaho Department of Transportation connecting Gem County to I-84 and further south. 

Chinden Residential

What does that mean for the residents that live and travel through this area?  More options for shopping, retail, food and professional services, similar to the growth we experienced on Eagle Road from Chinden to the Freeway years back. 

What does this mean for developers, builders and investors? This is a hot area already providing substantial residential growth to an already heavily populated residential area that is starving for more retail, food, dining, entertainment, professional and medical services.

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